Hot Yoga Tallahassee

Welcome to Hot Yoga Tallahassee. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of yoga & wellness classes including Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga w/ Weights, Pilates, Yin Yoga & more. Our Specialty Workshops explore elements such as Meditation, Anatomy, Aromatherapy, Chakras, & Crystal Bowls. It is our wish to provide a safe & comfortable environment allowing you to cultivate health, wellness & balance in all areas of life. Our certified yoga teachers focus on the needs of all students regardless of ability, shape or size. From beginners, to experienced yogis & trained athletes, we have something for everyone. We love to have fun with our yoga practice! We certainly take our yoga serious, but also recognize that our yoga mat is a place for us to unwind & escape life’s responsibilities for a bit —Gaining optimal physical health is simply the icing on the cupcake. You can expect to receive an abundance of positive energy & support from our yoga community. We look forward to meeting you on the mat at Bannerman Crossings!

Phone: (850) 577-0406
Coming February 2018